📰 Good News app. Backend in Golang. Docker Compose & Traefik v2.0 on Digital Ocean.

Let’s show our project to the world!

Registering a domain on Domains.Google


Digital Ocean

Deploying backend to DO droplet

> ssh root@droplet_IP
> ls -l
acme.json - should be here for generating certificates for https
appdata/ - is used by MongoDB, no need to create it by our owngood-news/
api/ - where our project is going to be located
docker-compose.yml - Docker Compose file where all information for deploying is placed
> mkdir acme && touch acme/acme.json
> chmod 600 acme/acme.json
> mkdir good-news
> cd good-news
> git clone https://github.com/kanzitelli/good-news-backend api/
> nano .env
> nano docker-compose.yml

Let’s run it!

> docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
# Opening shell of mongo db running within our docker container
> docker exec -it mongo mongo -u "GGCTeamBatr" -p "MySuperSecretPassword" --authenticationDatabase admin
# Changing to (creating) a needed db
> use good_news_db
# Creating a super user
> db.createUser({user: 'suuuper_user', pwd: 'soop3r_U$eR_PSWD', roles:[{role:'dbOwner', db:'good_news_db'}]})
# Inserting test data to test collection
> db.test_collection.insert({ test: "test" })
# Displaying all collections of our previously created db in order to make sure that our test collection was successfully created
> show collections
# Saying goodbye to mongo shell
> exit
> docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d

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