📰 Good News app. Backend in Golang. Colly usage.

Let’s crawl some news websites and see how it could be fast and easy with Colly!

  1. 📰 Good News app. Backend in Golang behind Traefik reverse proxy with https available.
  2. [in progress] 📰 Good News app. Flutter for rapid mobile applications development.
  3. [in progress] 📰 Good News app. Hummingbird as a promising replacement for frontend frameworks.
  1. Prerequisites & Idea, project and database structure and API endpoints.
  2. Project creation, go modules & GIN (beautiful framework) integration.
  3. Colly usage.
  4. MongoDB setup using official Golang driver.
  5. Running all together locally with Docker and Docker Compose & Traefik v2.0 configuration.
  6. Publishing to Digital Ocean, Let’s Encrypt and DNS Challenge configuration.

Inspect HTML code and CSS selectors of a news website

Name: .wrapper > .container > .item > div.headline
Link: .wrapper > .container > .item > a.link[href]
News source: SecretMag
News type: news
Time: <will_be_added_while_crawling>

Colly implementation

> go build
> ./good-new-backend



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