Testing React Native apps with zero effort

> cli-rn remote:prod


In this section, we are going to start using cli-rn and see it in action!

> npm i -g cli-rn
> cli-rn new AppName


Let’s assume that you have coded a feature in your app and would like to test it in release mode on a real device to feel the experience of an end-user. We have 2 options here:

  1. Open XCode and run the project in Release mode (takes ~4–5 minutes).
  2. Use cli-rn and cli-rn-app (takes < 1 minute).
> cli-rn remote:prod


Working on this project made me learn a lot of things such as writing a CLI for the first time and connecting all parts of the project together, like backend, server for tunneling, mobile app, etc.



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